Passion for fruit, creativity, people, ideas, flavors.
We are passionate about life.
Vibrant like the açaí berry, curious like the pitaya and intense like the very best produce out there.

We are so much more than fruit and a container.
After all, bowls have grown smaller.
Today, you might find us in glasses, cups, plates, cities and homes across the country.

And just like açaí topped with banana and granola,
we are the blend that ultimately worked.
Fearless, down-to-earth, pioneering.

We have a deep respect for nature, quality and flavor.
The rest is mixed together with these ingredients
and the result is always delicious.

Delighted to meet you, we are Frooty.
Passionate about fruit since 1994.

Mission :

To become a benchmark company in the global fruit-based food business, with relevant presence in the production chain



-We are deeply concerned with the environment and society.

-We cherish respectful and transparent relationships with our consumers, customers, suppliers and collaborators.

-We are notably concerned with the environment and society.

-Our priority is to maintain the quality of our products.

Our production


Before açaí develops the creamy consistency that you know and love, it goes through several processes during its production. Learn the step-by-step of Frooty’s açaí pulp:

Seed ventilation to separate solid residue originated from the harvest

Seed cleansing in chlorine solution to eliminate harmful microorganisms

Three-step rinsing process with filtered water

Maceration in exclusive equipment made of stainless steel to separate pulp from seed

Bottling in non-toxic plastic containers through 100% automated process

Storage in cold chambers for rapid freezing at an average temperature of -20˚ C

The process is entirely carried out with properly treated water.



Our factory


Since 2011, our factory tripled its production and storage capacity.

Nowadays, we produce 40 tons of products per day. Frooty is located 50km from São Paulo and 20km from the Rodoanel.


Frooty Store

Visit the Frooty Shop on Rua Natingui, 700 – Vila Madalena, São Paulo – SP.

We are open from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Phone Number: (+ 55 11) 2305-5508

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